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Invest In A Team Behind Some Of The Greatest Beer Brands Ever + IZZE Soda

Funding Goal$14,990,000
Funding Raised So Far$4,500,000
Funding Commitments$8,800,000
Funding Remaining$1,690,000

If you like investing in the fast-growing Beverage space in pre-rev companies and like to get in at the A Round stage, we may be a perfect fit. We have a clearly defined plan, very seasoned team and a defined exit in 3 to 5 years with high multiples. We are a Reg D offering for quality accredited investors if you are open to learning more and why our investors invest in MSB let us know.:

With more than a quarter-century of experience in the beer category, specifically craft, our team’s passion for quality has on display. Leveraging our experience in the super premium, premium, premium light, sub-premium, malt liquor & flavored malt beverage categories, our brew crew has been involved in the development and introduction of both specialty and seasonal brews, including brewing, packaging, marketing, and sales.

MSB has chosen to start contract brewing its line extension Cali Orchards Hard Sparkling Water with is its great distributor buy in while it continues to raise capital for the MSB brewery facility. Cali Orchards will give MSB a healthy revenue stream and will also allow MSB to create more brand awareness and drive more revenue.

After drilling into the concept and plan the MSB team and helping in drafting the deal structure I decided to invest and even got my family to invest too.
Alan, NYC Private Equity

“MSB has really stood out to me as a best-in-class opportunity. From a management team with deep, relevant experience to a comprehensive marketing and business plan, and a product that is already in high demand, this is as close to can’t miss as you can get. I can’t wait to see this come on-line and let the numbers support what I’m confident will be the successful byproduct of a well-vetted strategy.”
Dan, CFO of Global Bulk Raw Materials Trading and Logistics

About Mine Shaft Brewing Cali Orchards

Craft Beer, Cider & Sparkling Hard Water


Valencia / Santa Clarita, CA 91355, US
Consumer Products


Beer, Cider & Hard Sparkling Water with a creative twist, all brewed by a nationally award-winning brewmaster.

What is MSB?
Mine Shaft Brewing is a large scale destination brewery in town that is loved by millions worldwide. We anticipate seeing over 400K visitors the first full year of operation. MSB will have a retail store and will do brewery tours and host special events.

Is MSB a BrewPub?
No MSB is not a brewpub, MSB is a large scale brewery with a full restaurant and retail store and a tasting bar area.

How have distributors received MSB?
Distributors love MSB for many reasons. For one scale and the teams experience in the space and the understanding of the space. We see our distributors and retailers as our business partners and we have zero interest is self-distribution. Over 90% of our initial 60K bbl. capacity is allocated to distributors.