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Infrastructure & Commercial Construction Company

The Company has been operating as Infrastructure & Commercial Construction Company in South East Asia since 1981. They are well-experience and specialize in infrastructure development such as toll road, bridge, underpass, flyover, airport, seaport, water dam, etc. In the last few years, the Company has entered new segment of their business, which is in high-rise building construction, primarily apartment. The Management is in in place.

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The Company has been operating more than 40 years as Infrastructure & Commercial Construction Company in Indonesia. They have been building toll roads, bridges, airport, seaport, commercial building in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Operational Strengths:
In addition to its strong and long-time presence in the region, the Company has many ongoing and backlog Projects that can generate additional revenues in the future.

The Transaction:

The Owners are flexible in term of the deal structure. The Owners can sell their majority shares, company assets or exit at 100% depending on the offer.