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Reviticell is commercializing a unique medical device that will make regenerative medicine treatments available on a massive scale. Patent-pending Reviticell Kits will unlock the potential to heal that lies dormant within our bodies. Reviticell is a dynamic company that is commercializing a unique point-of-care system that will make regenerative medicine treatments available on a massive scale. The promise of regenerative medicine is leveraging the power within your own body to heal or change the course of disease. Patent-pending Reviticell Kits will unlock this potential that would otherwise lie dormant. Doctors can use Reviticell Kits to prepare Orthopedic & Sports, Wound Care and Medical Aesthetics treatments, as well as to restore and reconstruct tissue systems which may have become depleted due to aging, damage from trauma or birth defects. Reviticell Kits are One-System-for-Many-Therapies because of the underlying modular structure which can be configured for numerous treatment preparation protocols. Reviticell Kits are standardized medical devices that doctors can use to safely and efficiently prepare regenerative medicine treatments with predictable and consistent outcomes. The inherent efficiency of these devices can reduce medical costs and the step-by-step protocol of each Reviticell Kit can reduce the risk of medical errors. The emerging field of regenerative medicine is projected to grow to an $83 billion industry by 2020 and Reviticell Kits are positioned to become the industry standard. Reviticell is poised to commercialize and immediately scale-up by leveraging the resources of its strategic business partners. These world-class companies have an existing market presence and significant influence in the medical industry. Reviticell's management team has extensive experience in product and business development, marketing and sales, and managing successful high-growth businesses in multiple markets in the US and abroad. This team includes an MD who leads Regenerative Medicine at University of Florida, a PhD who is an industry veteran, and others who have worked with or for medical-device-industry giants and have start-up experience. Funding Goal$3,500,000 Funding Raised So Far$345,000

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