Med Tech Gets $3 Million Grant

Novuson Surgical’s patented Focused Ultrasound surgical tool technology allows for rapid, precise, and automated surgeries. Their technology is the first and only of its kind and dramatically reduces surgery times, improves patient outcomes, and drives significant cost savings for the healthcare system. Adoption of a single Novuson system will save a hospital over $1.2M annually in direct costs.

The Novuson Surgical team has established scientific credibility via compelling proof of concept trials during the past 9 years. Novuson has been granted 7 U.S. utility patents, 2 of which have been extended internationally, and has been awarded over $3 million in grant funding from the National Institute of Health.

The team is now transitioning from a R&D company to a manufacturing and marketing company, delivering product systems at a national then global scale. Their next step is to integrate the lab prototype into a product-ready clinical system suitable for 510(k)clearance by the FDA and use in human trials.